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Verhoeven, Zwygers, and Moesker Win

July 29th, 2016

By Ryan Dyson





Friday July 29th at Delaware Speedway featured racing from the Ground Masters Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks, and a King of the Hill Spectators race. In the 40-lap Super Stock feature race, Branden Verhoeven (#7) visited victory lane. Gary Zwygers (#93) won the 30-lap V8 Stock feature race, and Derek Moesker (#51) won the 40-lap Bone Stock feature event.

The King of the Hill spectators race saw a wide range of vehicles from mini vans to a $120,000+ 2016 Corvette. The final round came down to Ted in his Mustang, which has dominated the King of the Hill for a long time, and a 2016 Corvette driven by Larry from Picton. Larry would beat Ted in 2 races in the best of 3, ending the reign of the Mustang.

The evening for the Ground Masters Super Stocks started with a pair of 10-lap heat races, split by order of points standings. The B heat race, for those in the back half of points standings began with Kris Lawrence (#28) and Jaden Chapman (#13) on the front row. Lawrence would get clear early as Chapman held off a charge from Derek McCullough (#38) for 2nd. Darren Thirkettle (#56) moved up to the 3rd position just a few laps in, as the top 3 then began to checkout on the field. Lawrence would go on to win the race over Chapman, giving himself a belated birthday present. Jamie Klumper paced the field to the green flag for the 2nd heat race, with Kathleen Hosang (#16) beside him. The caution came out on lap 3 for debris off of Klumper’s car, after he got loose and made contact with David McCullough. Kathleen Hosang (#16) went on to win the heat race after taking the lead on lap 1, over Gary Adriaensen (#55) and Branden Verhoeven (#7).

Rookie of the year contender Jake Sheridan (#52) started the Ground Masters Super Stock feature race from the pole, with Brittany Beatty (#14) starting in 2nd. The race got to a rocky start as the caution would fly on lap 1 for a spin in turn 1 by DJ Christie and Darrell Lake. Both drivers would continue the race, albeit from the rear of the field on the restart. Matt Robblee took the lead on the restart, but it did not take long for Gary Adriaensen to take the spot, just 2 laps later. The caution came out a few laps later as Andrew Ferreira (#9) hit the inside wall on the front straightaway. Branden Verhoeven took the race lead on lap 10, before the caution came out on lap 12 for a multi-car spin in turn 4 including DJ Christie and Geoff Chant (#19). The caution came out once again on lap 13 as Devin Jarvis spun entering turn 1, and was hit by Brittany Beatty and Geoff Chant, causing lots of damage. After the restart, things settled down for a few laps as drivers got into a rhythm. Just before the halfway point, Adriaensen made a costly mistake entering turn 1, sliding up the track and losing 2nd to David McCullough. As the laps wound down, the front two drivers of Verhoeven and David McCullough began to lap the rear of the field, which worked more in favour of race leader Verhoeven. Branden Verhoeven would go on to win his first feature race of the season, over McCullough, Adriaensen, Matt Robblee (#51), and Darrell Lake.

The V8 Stocks ran a pair of 10-lap heat races, also split by points. The opening heat race started with the #67 of Greg Dadson on the pole. Cody Payne (#00) would take the lead on lap 2 and go on to win the heat race over Nathan Taback (#46), who was beginning to close the gap but ran out of laps. Jeff Ferguson (#23) led the field to the green for the 2nd V8 Stock heat race, with the #3 of Terry Cole alongside him. Jeremy Taggart (#11) led the opening lap, however it was short lived as Paul Fothergill (#33) quickly made a pass for the spot. Fothergill would go on to win the race over Barry Watson (#45) and Steve Arrand (#37).

Last race’s winner, Gary Zwygers (#93) had the pole position for the 30-lap feature race for the V8 Stocks, with the #44 of Todd Walton starting beside him. Zwygers would clear for the lead early on, as Arrand and Fothergill quickly moved into 2nd and 3rd respectively. On lap 5, the #8 of Brad Smith lost control off of turn 4 and hit the inside wall. Smith was filling in for Manny Ferreira this week. After the restart, the battle for 2nd place raged on as Barry Watson and Paul Fothergill pressured Arrand, even going 3 wide at times. This battle allowed Taggart, Taback and Payne to bunch of the the pack, as Zwygers began to pull away with a sizable lead. Finally, on lap 17 Watson cleared Arrand for 2nd, as Nathan Taback pulled off the track with mechanical issues. Just 2 laps later, Jeremy Taggart made an inside line pass on Arrand for 3rd, as Fothergill followed through for 4th. As 5 laps to go came, Zwygers held a lead that was almost half a straightaway long, with Watson holding off Taggart. Zwygers would hold his lead and cruise to his second straight win, coming just 2 weeks after his first career win, which was 10 years in the making. Barry Watson finished 2nd, and Jeremy Taggart 3rd.

The Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks ran a pair of heat races that were 10 laps in distance, and split by points. The B heat race, for the second half of points started the evening of racing, as drivers quickly scrambled 3 and 4 wide off the start. The caution would come out on lap 2 for a spin on the back straightaway by Cole Howard (#5). On lap 3, Kyle Tofflemire made hard contact with the turn 1 wall while racing for the lead, ending his evening of racing on the Whitworth flatbed. The caution came out on lap 7 once again, as the #93 of Shane Saker was turned on the back straightaway while battling for the lead. The #46 of Doug Hawkins went on to win the wild opening heat race over the #36 of Brian Brooks. The second heat race began with the #87 of Mike Ebert on the pole, with a full field of top drivers behind. On lap 1 the field stayed close together, 3 and even 4 wide. Entering turn 1, Kevin Neumeister made significant contact with the wall after contact between several drivers sent him up the track, also collecting the #72 of Mike Neumeister. The drivers would scramble for spots early, until it settled with Derek Moesker (#51) up front, Steve Lovie (#1) 2nd, and Jay Chappell (#17) 3rd.

Jordan Morris would lead the field to the green flag for the 40-lap main event for the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks, alongside the #0 of Shauna Beak. Jordan Morris would lead early on until Derek Moesker took the top spot on lap 4 and began to open up a gap. Morris would race in the 2nd position, holding off Steve Lovie for the opening quarter of the race until Lovie finally made the pass after lap 10. As the front runners began lapping the field, Morris would make a move around Lovie for the spot. The caution would come out on lap 16 for a spin by Steven DaSilva (#44) in turn 1, stacking the field back up. The caution would fly once again on lap 21 as a front runner Ron Prouix (#19) lost power down the back straightaway and came to a stop. The leaders would once again be all together for the restart, with Moesker still 1st, Morris 2nd and Lovie 3rd. On the restart Lovie would clear Morris for 2nd, while a battle for 3rd developed with Morris and Jeremy Schindel (#9). On lap 28, Schindel got the best of that battle, moving into the podium position. The caution came out on lap 30 as the #12 car of Joe Kicks lost a tire entering turn 1. After the restart, Moekser would go on to win the race over Lovie and Schindel, while Ben Davey (#07) finished 4th and Jordan Morris rounded out the top 5, in a wild finish as Shane Gibson lost a tire at the finish line, and several cars spun and hit the wall trying to avoid it.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Friday August 5th, featuring the second race of the Case ‘N Drum Oil Late Model Triple Crown, Demar Aggregates Trucks and V8 Stocks. Advanced tickets are available on www.DelawareSpeedway.com, racing gets started at 7:30pm.

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This Week at Delaware Speedway - July 29th

This week at Delaware Speedway


After a week off, the local cars and stars will take centre stage at Delaware Speedway once again. See the Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, Bone Stocks and the fan favourite King of the Hill Spectators Race.

Tickets for the event can be purchased right here on the track website, and all gate time and event time information can be found on the schedule page.


View the event itinerary HERE

Friday July 8th, 2016  PURCHASE TICKETS

Spectator gates open: 6:00pm  |  Event begins: 7:30pm

Ground Masters Super Stocks (10-lap heats, 40-lap feature)
V8 Stocks (10-lap heats, 30-lap feature)
Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks (10-lap heats, 40-lap feature)
King of the Hill Spectators Race

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