Jamie Klumper Wins the iceBreaker 150

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April 15th, 2017

By Ryan Dyson




The 2017 race season at Delaware Speedway officially kicked off with the first running of the iceBreaker 100 on Saturday, April 15th. After the long winter, drivers and fans were eager to hit the track for a day of wild action. The event brought out some new names to the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork ranks, as they wanted their share of the heightened purse.

Derek Moesker, Jamie Klumper, and Jordan Willis started on the front row of the 3-wide standing still start to the race as the entire field followed them into turn 1 through the chaos. Moesker took off on the start but trouble for Steve Lovie in the back of the field sent him around and to the infield with a flat tire. Jordan Morris got off to a slow start and quickly started tearing through the field before there was a major crash on lap 10 on the back straightaway including Matt Langford, Ben Davey, and Chris Ellerbeck. All drivers were able to walk away, however their cars were not so fortunate.

The red flag came out on lap 14 for a stopped car, in the middle of a battle for the lead between Klumper and Moesker. On the green Klumper was able to pass Moesker as he had the car in reverse. The two drivers battled and Moesker regained the top spot just a lap later. The red flag was displayed again on lap 23 for a crash on the back straightaway with Brian Brooks and Bob Hill. By lap 25 in the race, Don Armstrong had joined the battle for the race lead and began to put pressure on the front two. On lap 35, Armstrong moved into second and then into the lead on lap 36. The red flag was displayed a few times before lap 50 for stalls on the track including the #54 of Jeff Allen.

Bill Brekelmans moved into the top 5 around the lap 50 mark and began tracking down the fourth place runner Craig Cole before making the pass within 20 to go in the opening half. On lap 65 the red flag was displayed once again, this time for Jordan Morris losing a wheel off of turn 2. At this point in the event, Armstrong had put all but the top 5 cars a lap down with his extremely fast pace. The first half of the race ended with Don Armstrong first, Jamie Klumper 2nd, Derek Moesker 3rd, Bill Brekelmans 4th, and Jeremiah Rabideau 5th.

The second half of the event resumed with a 3-wide standing still start once again in the same running order that concluded the opening segment, with the exception of Don Armstrong who was sent to the rear for a minor tech infraction. Armstrong was not able to make the call for the second half, proving to be disappointing for the driver that was strong in the opening half. Derek Moesker jumped to the lead and began to stretch his legs as Brekelmans moved into second over Steve Book and Jamie Klumper. Just before the 50 to go mark, Klumper moved back into 2nd place and worked to close the gap on the leader while in lapped traffic. Klumper would take over the top position on lap 105 and distanced himself from Moesker immediately.

Brekelmans made his move on Derek Moesker with less than 25 laps to go to advance to the 2nd position, behind team car of Jamie Klumper. The red flag came out on lap 136 as Steve Book lost a wheel on the back straightaway. Jamie Klumper would go on to win the iceBreaker 150, lapping all but the 2nd place car, Bill Brekelmans. Derek Moesker finished 3rd, Jeremiah Rabideau 4th, and Craig Cole rounded out the top 5.


The next event at Delaware Speedway is the Spring Nationals on April 28th-29th featuring all of the weekly divisions including: Case N’ Drum Oil Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, Super Stocks, Trucks, TransAxle V8 Stocks, and the Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks. The two-day event will kick off the regular race season in a big day with a full event on both days. Advance tickets are available on www.delawarespeedway.com